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Day Men Curling   -   Ed Flowers Memorial Trophy

2017 Ed Flowers Trophy Winners

Day Men 2017 Ed Flowers Memorial Trophy Winners.
Doug Woods, Harold Humber, Dave Henry, Joe Lajeunesse

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2016 - 2017   Team Roster

Team 1

Wayne Attfield
Rae Robinson
Fred Odoysk
Dave Bowman

Team 2

Darrell Barnes
Steve Hall
Gary Mahoney
Duncan Smith

Team 3

Albert Cole
Michael Mace
George Burbidge
Larry DiMillo

Team 4

Richard Davis
Ted Thexton
Lee McCormack
Bill Daub

Team 5

Edmond Groulx
Harold Campbell
Dave Scott
Ken McCarvill

Team 6

Sam Hill
Terry Kuzma
Gary Attfield
Richard Huyda

Team 7

Wayne Moore
Norm Patenaude
Bob Walsh
Dick Lane

Team 8

Doug Woods
Harold Humber
Dave Henry
Joe Lajeunesse

Spares:   Jim Henneberry,     Terry Perkins,    Darl DiMillo (Dec. only),     Doug Stafford (Dec. + Jan. 6 only)

  1. Players from the spares list should be called before trying other Day Men members as spares.
  2. Having fewer than 2 players from the original team present for a game results in a default.
  3. Spares may play missing person’s position or Lead.

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2016   Ed Flowers Memorial Trophy Schedule

Date Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4
Friday, December 2nd Wayne Attfield vs Darrell Barnes Albert Cole vs Richard Davis Edmond Groulx vs Sam Hill Wayne Moore vs Doug Woods
Friday, December 9th Sam Hill vs Doug Woods Edmond Groulx vs Wayne Moore Darrell Barnes vs Richard Davis Wayne Attfield vs Albert Cole
Friday, December 16th Edmond Groulx vs Richard Davis Wayne Attfield vs Doug Woods Wayne Moore vs Albert Cole Darrell Barnes vs Sam Hill
Friday, January 6th Albert Cole vs Sam Hill Wayne Moore vs Darrell Barnes Wayne Attfield vs Edmond Groulx Doug Woods vs Richard Davis
Friday, January 13th Wayne Moore vs Wayne Attfield Richard Davis vs Sam Hill Albert Cole vs Doug Woods Edmond Groulx vs Darrell Barnes
Friday, January 20th Darrell Barnes vs Albert Cole Doug Woods vs Edmond Groulx Richard Davis vs Wayne Attfield Sam Hill vs Wayne Moore
Friday, January 27th Richard Davis vs Wayne Moore Sam Hill vs Wayne Attfield Doug Woods vs Darrell Barnes Albert Cole vs Edmond Groulx

Updated on Sunday Novemeber 27th,   2016

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2016-2017   Ed Flowers Memorial Trophy Final Standings

Team Rank Total Points
Doug Woods 1 127 pts
Richard Davis 2 118 pts
Wayne Attfield 3 108 pts
Edmond Groulx 4 88 pts
Albert Cole 5 79 pts
Sam Hill 6 78 pts
Darrell Barnes 7 67 pts
Wayne Moore 8 63 pts

Updated on Sunday February 12th,   2017

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